Friday, November 24, 2006

Athens 2004 Opening Ceremony

Athens 2004 Opening Ceremony

Friday, November 03, 2006

Justin Timberlake performance-My Love

Justin Timberlake performance-My Love- 2006 video music awards-

Britney Spears- Baby One More Time

Britney Spears- Baby One More Time (Sexy Rain Finish)-

Friday, November 25, 2005

Wallpaper - ‘Digital Pictures’ Summit‘

Wallpaper - ‘Digital Pictures’ Summit‘

Wallpaper - literally refers to the pictures of as much size as filling up the computer screen(wall) space. Generally, they most often use the wallpaper copies of as about 80%(800x600), as 100%(1024x768) and as 120%(1280x1024) as a computer screen, according to size.

Early days’wallpaper used to be thought much of only the size, but nowadays composition technique of digital pictures is required together with high clearness. In the world of wallpaper, they might not recognize you merely by the pictures taken though persons or things in simple backgrounds.

Internet world requires as visual sense as to occupy 80-90% of visual fields.
Once you are concerned about Internet and information worlds at all, I suggest you study in the visual field. Wallpaper is a new spot lighted area, on the internet that is visual and requires sense.

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Photographer and Model - Art Nude

Photographer and Model - Art Nude (Woman)

The relationship between photographer and model is perhaps already like “thread and needle”

According to photographer’s rendering, a photographer can create a model into the one who has ‘a thousand of faces.’
The pictures in this space are what I chose and came up with, whose woman models were ‘rendered into ever beautiful and fantastic ones.’

On the back, I have mounted the 1910-1950s pictures of the fashion magazine ‘Vogue.’
If it is the 1910-1950s in Korea, how can the time gap be...?!
This part is what “youths”in the 10s and 20s have to do.

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Monday, September 19, 2005

Woman Stars Semi Nude - ' the dream of their public'

Woman Stars Semi Nude - ' the dream of their public'

Many people have some fantasy toward ‘public stars’ such as models, actors, players. Especially toward woman stars, they tend to have much more of such fantasy.
The pictures on this space is the ones I have chosen to inform you of their jobs, or what the persons called stars are doing.

"man and woman stars with their bodies naked - to meet the dream of their public"

On here, I have mostly only semi-nudes of woman models.
But in Western mass culture, it might well be viewed that the nude-shooting of man and woman stars with their bodies naked - to meet the dream of their public - is basic as professionals, not more than or not less than their job.

If there is any adolescent who dreams of this circles of career, he or she must first figure out the professional spirit of the stars who has the view, ‘nudes are basic to meet the dream of the public.’
Anyway, keep in mind that there is such preposterousness coiled in the circles of stars that adolescents dream of.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Current Address of Fashion - “Clothes will Tell”

Current Address of Fashion - “Clothes will Tell”-

Every trend is born anew through repulsion rebellion and challenge against the existent frame, curiosity and experimental spirit.
All the trends until now would establish a new trend only through creative activities putting out new pieces of work countlessly without ceasing.

Though trend usually means as lightly as fashion or change of hair style, one should remember for sure that every human achievement has been possible because there were these repulsion and rebellion, curiosity, and experimental spirit.

Most of the clothes here are ‘clothes as works,’costumes that cannot be worn in everyday life. My intention why to have mounted these fashion pictures is, in order to let you know how much experimentalness and creativeness the works in the world fashion market require.

Wishing they be watched with attention by the people who are concerned with fashion-related profession, or who are currently engaged in such...

** In the saying, raise your child as ‘a child who can think,’ ‘a child who are creative,’ at educational issue nowadays, one needs to know there are ‘a child who is wandering,’ ‘a child who is rebellious,’ ‘a child who is inquisitive,’ implied in such saying.

However, even though parents in our country like such words as a child who can think or a child who are creative, they disregard such as rebellion, wandering, repulsion, curiosity, challenge hidden behind such words. Instead, they strongly tend to stick only to reasoning and logic, which are put up superficially.
Prior to reasoning, logic and understanding, the child must first have repulsion and rebellion against the existing ones, wandering, curiosity about new things and spirit of challenge to have reasoning, logic and understanding.

But in the name of bringing up their children as somebody creative and somebody imaginative, the parents in our societyattempt to apply curiosity, reasoning and logic in forceful manner, only after they must attach to their children such words as a child who is kind-hearted, a child who is studious, a child who is healthy, a child who is obedient, a child who is honest, or whatever sweet words to their ears.

Still less, they try to evade any thinking that their children might be suited by such as rebellion, repulsion, single-track mind.., and yet this thinking is ludicrous even to the point of ignorance.

From the children who say only ‘yes’ to the existent things without any otherwise, how can they expect their children to challenge something new?

Rather, it will be helpful to your children’s education, if you remember everything in human history conducive to civilization has been developed by the elite dreamers who were rebellious, presumptuous, hopeless, preposterous and single-track-minded, in other easier words, by ‘outsiders’ in our society.**

From p.224-225, Yeom Sangmyeong

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Model Agency Model of the ‘Ford’in Europe - Harmony between Classic and Progressive

Model Agency Model of the ‘Ford’in Europe - Harmony between Classic and Progressive

The biggest trait of European mass culture is that it holds together both counter notions, “classic / aristocratic” versus “experimental / progressive”
Through fashion models on here, I hope you to peep into the mass culture in Europe such as fashions, magazines, pictures, etc.

Until now, American mass culture has been the mainstream in importing mass culture to Korea. Last century, American culture was the main current not only in mass culture but also in administration system, education system and even Christian theology in Korea.

Meanwhile, in addition to American one, you should acknowledge the fact that Korea has accepted European cultures or other ones bit by bit, because European cultures are more characteristic of “classic/aristocratic” versus “experimental/progressive” than any other cultural areas.

If there is any youth who means to plunge into the world market in order to import the “unique culture to Korean Peninsula” in the world culture market by en grafting our own culture within Asian culture onto Western culture (most of the current cultures in the world are the derivative cultures which are derived anew by assimilating Western culture to their own cultures), you may as well aim at the European market of culture, prior to plunge into the American market.

- “World is narrow mission is wide.” - May I use this message once again?

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Entertainers, 'Parade of Stars' and vicarious satisfaction

Entertainers - 'Parade of Stars'

This is a gallery of star pictures to be gotten easily, among people who are thought to be public stars of my own choosing.

More than once, they are originators who catered to the public the space of ‘vicarious satisfaction’ between reality and super reality, and their catering is still going on regardless of their will. As long as there remains nature of ‘vicarious satisfaction’ in the mind of the public, there will come continual new stars regardless of time passing.

If it were, parade of stars(?) will go on.

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War - What is Justice! What is Power! What is Peace! What is Order!

War - What is Justice! What is Power! What is Peace! What is Order!

Even in the 21st century where the feminist movement is so active, most of the global areas have been governed by masculine government theories such as violence, result, command and thought.

Even after 2000, war victimizes not only politicians-or-army-manipulating figures of the Taliban regime and Saddam Hussein regime in such wars as between America and Pakistan and between American and Iraq. While all the world went in an uproar, madness, morning and retaliation in front of the terror America encountered September 11th 2001, who will take the sympathizing role for those helpless women and children casualties among civilians in Afghanistan or Iraq!

For war victim civilians, who and how will compensate for them?

At this current point when the 21st century is called ‘global’ age, people should think pan-nationally
what is justice!
what is power!
what is order!
We should differentiate between religious spirit and religious bodies.

** 1) ‘We are the world’which American entertainers made in the 1980s, within this song how far is the borderline of the word, ‘us.’
2) ‘Do They Know Christmas?’is that British entertainers made for the children who were dying of war and drought in Ethiopia and other Africa, for whom is the song composed?
3) Between a loaf of bread to the full and a loaf of bread to the hungry, there is far difference in worth and meaning.
4) The worst victims in the war are women and children.

Having sat silently when children and women were starving, injured and died on the battles of war in the other areas,
Do those politicians, broadcasters and religious leaders go in a fuss at the present only.

I repeat.
There is not a single country that has no connection with the influence of America upon each country economically or politically.
Even though Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, and civil wars caused other countries so much into chaos that they changed into doomed lands, still there were no other countries that would be damaged accordingly.

However, in front of the terror suffered by America, the world economy was swayed all over.

The ‘Peace by power’ and the ‘only-the-stronger-survivable society’ maintained until now was the ‘justice and peace’ accomplished on this earth.

There are so many that cannot be answered in man’s life.

Especially matters of national intricate politics, or a step further, matters of economy and foreign affairs in the international society are so complex and inscrutable that one cannot judge only through theory and result. There are also so many cases when one or two persons’ opinions are hard to be the key answer.

As in Isaiah 40:6-8 in the Bible, there have always been ups and downs in the cultures that mankind has built up.

It is human history that has the end.

Today’s sermon passage is Matt. 5:9 ‘Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.’Even if this massage as well is the Sermon on the Mount that neither has been achieved by man nor will be, it is only when I make the worldly principle of this spirit that I can inherit the way, the truth and the life to the descendants.
Christians, Muslims, the advanced, the underdeveloped, the haves, the have-nots, the normal, the hadicaped,..they gather together into a single world. Peace is something that is made through unity of us, not separate you and me.

Now then, Let us all remember that peacemakers (sons of God) transfer history and transmit life from man to man.

"We are the world"
“Do they know Christmas" **

P.100-117 in the book by Yeom Sangmyeong . Re-edited of necessary parts only in “Peacemaker”

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